Holiday Gift Guide

Wondering what to get your kids for an upcoming holiday? Look no further! Our gift lists include quality toys and presents your kids will love to receive and you can feel good about giving.

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Experience Gifts for Kids

Experience gifts are presents that provide the recipient with an experience as opposed to a material thing.

Most people assume that giving someone a physical present is better than a one-off experience. The former will last longer, they assume, whereas the latter will soon be forgotten.

But research shows otherwise. New things – that is, physical objects – are often interesting and exciting when we first receive them but soon fade into the background of our every day lives.

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Educational Subscription Boxes for Kids

Educational subscription boxes can be a great way to enhance your child’s interest in a particular subject or expose them to new ideas. Simply order a subscription, and your child will receive a new box in the mail every month.

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Eco-Friendly Gifts for Kids

Quality eco-friendly gifts for kids and teens can be hard to find. This list includes thirty-nine options for kids of all ages – infants through teenagers.

In addition to seeking out green options, I’ve also chosen toys and gifts that kids and teens are most likely to appreciate and that have enduring appeal.

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Meaningful Non-Toy Gifts

Turn the focus of the holidays away from materialism and more towards the spirit of the season. This list of non-toy gifts for kids encourages family time, generosity, and creativity.

This list includes twenty-four non-toy kids gifts that take the focus off of acquisition and onto spending time with family, being generous to others, and inspiring creativity and exploration.

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Meaningful Non-Toy Stocking Stuffers

Finding stocking stuffers that aren’t just cheap plastic trinkets can be a challenge. This list includes twenty-three small gift ideas that have lasting value. Each has a purpose and are arranged by kids’ interests.

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Science Toys for Kids

The toys on this list make science fun – whether it’s building a structure, playing with a robot, discovering what happens when two chemicals mix, or feeling the satisfaction of conducting electricity.

Each of the twenty-four toys introduce kids to a range of STEM topics in fun and engaging ways. Kids won’t even realize they’re learning science.

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Outdoor Gifts for Kids

Whether your child is outdoorsy or needs a little nudge to spend more time in your backyard, these outdoor gifts fit the bill.

They include sixty gifts that provide kids with multiple outdoor activity options – giving them ample opportunities to get outside (and stay outside!).

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Open-Ended Toys

Open-ended toys are designed to not have an end goal or purpose in mind which means they encourage kids’ imagination and creativity.

The toys on this list includes building toys, make-believe toys, figurine toys among others.

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