Raising kids who grow up to be self-sufficient adults

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    Get Your Kids Successfully Started on Chores


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    Chore Cards for Kids

    These 101+ chore cards can remind your child which chores they need to do each day. Alternatively, they can be placed in a bowl to let your child pick out a chore or two at random. Includes a list of age-appropriate chores for kids.

    child looking over kids money management toolkit and spend save share jars

    Kids Money Management & Allowance Toolkit

    The Kids Money Management Toolkit contains 19 pages of guidance and printables to help you set up an allowance for your child and teach skills such as budgeting, saving, delaying gratification, and making wise spending decisions.

    child hand holding life skills cards

    Life Skills Cards for Kids

    Help your kids develop the skills they’ll need both now and as adults with these life skills cards. Each of the eighty-one cards include specific skills that cover a range of topics such as: food and cooking, home care and chores, social skills, manners and etiquette, money and finance and more.

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