60 of the Best Outdoor Gifts for Kids to Get Them (and Keep Them!) Outside

Whether your child is outdoorsy or needs a little nudge to spend more time in your backyard, these outdoor gifts for kids fit the bill.

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The benefits of children spending time outdoors are endless – from their connection to nature to the creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking that nature-play inspires.

Yet, a research study issued by the United Kingdom-based National Trust shows that on average, children only spend four hours a week outdoors, compared to the 8.2 hours their parents spend outside as children. With the competition from iPads, video games, and other screens, kids are less likely to play outside.

Kids can feel more inspired to get outside if they have multiple outdoor activity options.

Adding a play house or swing set to your backyard can be a start, providing children with multiple ways to play. And outdoor games can be another way to inspire kids to get outside.

More time-intensive ways to help kids explore nature, are to go hiking or camping. Start by doing a short hike near your home, and even doing an overnight in a tent on your property can be a fun activity for kids.

Of course, all of these activities can be even more exciting for kids when they receive them as gifts. The following provides 60 great outdoor gift ideas for kids.

Backyard Outdoor Equipment and Activities Gifts

Adding a few structures and equipment to your backyard, if you have the space, can make the outdoors more enticing to kids.

Classical outdoor equipment includes a playhouse, like this modern KidKraft Wooden Playhouse, a tree house and fort, like this B4 Adventure one and this Backyard Discovery swing set. For kids who love to climb, a Geometric dome climber can also be a great backyard addition. And for kids with lots of energy, a trampoline, even a mini one like this one from Skywalker, can add to the fun.

Other fun activities to add to your backyard include a slack line kit, a zipline kit, a saucer tree swing, and climbing tree holds to a sturdy tree. Older kids will have fun on this Swurfer Stand-Up Surfing Swing and and bouncing around on a classic pogo stick. While younger kids and toddlers will have fun playing with dirt in the TP Toys Mud Kitchen.

Bikes and Scooters

Most kids enjoy being active outside with their very own bike or scooter.

Toddlers will benefit from learning how to balance with a Chillafish Charlie balance bike. And once older kids are ready, the RoyalBaby Kids bike is a good option. And don’t for get the bike accessories! Such as a kids bike helmet and fun LED bike wheel lights.

Scooters are also a fun way for kids to get around the neighborhood. The Razor A Kick scooter is a classic that comes in many colors and sizes. Kids will benefit from using knee and elbow pads when they’re first learning to ride their new scooter.

Backyard Toys and Games

Games can be another alluring way to get children outside and engaged in outdoor play. Kids of all ages will enjoy classic indoor games outside, like a giant Jenga toy or giant wooden Connect Four can encourage even hesitant kids to get outside.

Other fun outdoor games for playing with more than one child include a wooden ring toss, a badminton, pickelball, and volleyball net set, a ladder toss game, a frisbee golf set and a classic croquet set.

Kids can also have fun playing independently outside with a Mighty Fun Wooden toy slingshot (with soft balls) or a Stomp Rocket rocket launcher.

Water and Sand Toys and Games

When the weather heats up, kids will have fun cooling down with these water activities and toys. The Banzi Pipeline Backyard waterslide can be an incredibly exciting addition to any backyard play. And the less expensive extra long water slide also lets kids have fun sliding on water. Water blasters can be used in conjunction with either of these toys to allow for a friendly squirting match.

Toddlers can make the most of hot weather days by playing with the various toys and gadgets contained on the Step2 water table.

And young kids will enjoy playing in sand with this Honey Joy Kids wooden sandbox and Melissa & Doug sand toys.

Bug, Butterfly, and Gardening Gifts for Kids

Time spent outside can be both educational and fun with these bug, butterfly and gardening gifts for kids.

The Toysmith Beetle and Bee Habitat kit will allow kids to see these insects in action and they can learn even more with The Fascinating Bug Book for Kids.

Kids will also enjoy inspecting insects up close with the B. Toys Bug Bungalow Insect Catching Kit, a Live Butterfly Growing Kit, and the Beautyflier small insect magnifier.

And finally, a DIY garden kit with seeds, a starter tray, markers and guide allow kids to grow their very own sunflowers, zucchini, cucumbers, pumpkins, beets, carrots, and flowers.

Gifts for Adventurous Kids

If you have a child who’s always up for outdoor adventure, these gifts are for them!

Young kids will have fund with this 20-piece explorer set that includes a butterfly net, binoculars, big and small magnifiers, a whistle, bug catcher and tweezers.

Kids can explore the stars with the NASA lunar telescope made specifically for kids. And learn to find their way around the outdoors with the Sun Company compass.

The Ultimate Survival Guide for Kids provides kids with basic survival skills advice such as how to make a shelter and find food. And 50 Things to Do Before You’re 11 3/4 provides fifty outdoor activities ideas and is full of tips, nature facts, checklists, and can also serve as a journal.

Kids can have fun wandering through their neighborhood with Selieve Walkie Talkies and also snapping photos with the Seckton digital camera. Using the RM Ricomax metal detector, can also be a fun way to explore ones backyard or see which treasures emerge at a nearby park or beach.

And finally, the Hapinest Find and Seek Scavenger Hunt can be a fun group activity as everyone searches for various textures, sizes and colors outside.

Gifts for Kids Who Enjoy Hiking

Hiking is a great way for outdoorsy kids to get into nature. These gifts include just about everything your child will need (and more!) for their first hiking adventure.

The first and most important item your child will need is a good pair of hiking boots. These Merrell Core Chameleon boots are a best seller on Amazon with rave reviews and sizes for both little and big kids.

Next, your child will need a good, durable pack for the trails. The Sunhiker packpack is small and lightweight while the CamelBak Mini M.U.L.E, designed specifically for kids, has space for a hydration pack.

The OAKI Rain & Trail suit is a great gift for families who aren’t intimidated by a little rain on their hike – but still don’t want to get wet! And for more more rugged climbs, TrailBuddy Hiking poles will keep kids steady.

Finally, Adventure Journal For Little Explorers is an interactive nature and hiking book activity and journal that kids can take with them to add more interest to the trip.

Gifts for Kids Who Love Camping

For kids who are willing to take on even more adventure, camping gear can make perfect gifts!

Cover some of the basics with a Coolzon lightweight sleeping bad (sold at a very reasonable price!) and a highly-rated Coleman 4-person tent.

Useful camping accessories for kids include a GearLight LED head lamp, a Wise Owl Outfitters hammock, and a water bottle such as this CamelBack Eddy + Kids for young kids.

For younger kids who are interested in pretend play camping, the Mitcien Camping play set is just the answer. The set includes a pretend campfire, play tent , binoculars, oil lantern, pretend food and bugs.

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