Life Skills for Kids

As our kids venture into the world on their own, they’re going to need skills to be self-sufficient.

Making sure our kids have mastered practical skills like cleaning, doing laundry, and basic cooking techniques is important.

But perhaps even more valuable is coaching our children to understand what it means to be responsible, to manage time, and stay organized.

And then there are the 21st century life skills. These are the softer skills our children will need as they enter the working world. They include: problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, and emotional intelligence, among others.

Does all of this sound a bit overwhelming?

I hear you…

But here’s the good news – children learn most of these skills, especially the softer ones, simply through our example and in the way we parent them.

To learn more about the life skills our kids will need and how we can coach them, check out the posts to the right and below to get started.

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    Helpful Life Skills Resources

    Life Skills Cards for Kids

    Help your kids develop the skills they’ll need both now and as adults with these life skills cards. Each of the eighty-one cards include specific skills that cover a range of topics such as: food and cooking, home care and chores, social skills, manners and etiquette, money and finance and more.

    Social Skills for Kids

    Help your child learn important social skills – they can use now and throughout life – with this guide.

    Household Skills for Kids

    Help your child do eleven important household tasks and gain life skills with this instructional guide. Examples include: how to clean laundry, how to vacuum, how to make your bed, how to mop the floor, and how to wash windows.

    Life Skills Guides