Self-Sufficient Kids is a resource for parents who want to raise independent, responsible, and ultimately self-sufficient kids.

But you may be thinking: sure that’s the ideal, but what I’m really looking for are ways to address our day-to-day struggles!

Well then, you’ve come to the right place, my friend!

Because the same parenting tools that create more harmonious relationships in families also support and encourage our kids’ self-advocacy, self-reliance, and independence.

These tools rely on a method of being both loving and firm. There’s no need to sacrifice a close relationship with your child in order to nurture their independent mindset:

You can have a close relationship with your kids while still leading them towards self-sufficiency.

You can set boundaries and limits for your children while maintaining a strong bond.

And you can let go in order to let your kids soar towards a self-sufficient adulthood.

Understanding the best way to parent kids can feel like a mystery. Advice comes from all corners of our lives, swims around in our heads and ultimately makes us feel like there’s no way we’ll ever get this parenting thing right. 

Not too long ago I felt the same way.

At times I worried I was being too strict and firm with my kids.

In other moments, I was afraid I was too lax.

It seemed impossible to achieve the balance I was after: having a strong bond with my girls while also setting firm boundaries and supporting their emerging independence. 

Seven years ago, I set off to find if this combination of having a close relationship, while still supporting kids’ independence was possible, and if so, how. 

Since then, I’ve read countless parenting articles and books and even become a certified positive discipline parent educator.

Here’s what I found:

⭐ There’s clear evidence, through research, that certain parenting methods benefit kids the most and lead them towards eventual self-sufficiency.

⭐ These methods show that a close and loving relationship with our kids is actually essential in order to support their independence.

⭐ But they also show that setting boundaries and limits with our kids doesn’t need to put us at odds with them – leading to constant power struggles and arguments. In fact, kids yearn for boundaries and limits, especially if they’re communicated with love and respect.

⭐ The result is kids who grow to be independent, responsible, have high self-esteem, make good decisions on their own, are more empathetic, kind, and are more resistant to peer pressure. 

⭐ Add to that a family life that’s more peaceful, less chaotic and loving and you’ve got a winning combination.

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For the past seven years, I’ve managed Self-Sufficient Kids.

Before beginning this site, I worked for ten years in market research, including several years at a Fortune 100 company.

I also:

  • Am a certified positive discipline parent educator
  • Have read numerous books on positive parenting, raising independent kids, and education. (See my book list here)
  • Serve on the board of an independent school for kids ages 15 months – 8th grade
  • Been featured in: Huffington Post, Motherly (formerly, Sheknows Media, The Wall Street Journal, and A Fine Parent 
  • Have a degree in economics
  • Received an MBA
  • Obtained a Certificate in Financial Planning

Understanding children and teaching them the life skills they need to be successful has become my passion. I’m always trying to uncover the best tools and techniques to help, not only my own children but all children, reach their full potential. 

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