Raising Self-Sufficient Kids

You had big ambitions when you became a parent. Not only did you imagine having a close, loving relationship with your child, but you also wanted to raise him or her to be successful, confident, independent, and ultimately self-sufficient.

But a few years in, that balancing act may feel impossible at times. When conflict arises you worry if you’re being too firm…or too lenient. And that close relationship you yearned for with your kids, seems in constant competition with your desire to raise un-entitled children.

I’m here to tell you that it is possible to be both firm and loving with your kids. That you can have a fun, loving, and close relationship while still guiding your children on a path of independence, confidence, self-sufficiency, and gratitude.

Obtaining this balance may challenge a few of the parenting norms you’ve come to accept. But over time, you’ll begin to see how natural this form of positive discipline is. And how well kids respond to having (imperfect) parents who lovingly guide them on their journey towards self-sufficiency.

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