The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Self-Sufficient Kid

You love your kids to pieces and would hold onto them forever if they’d let you.

In just a few years, you’re going to miss their snuggles, laughs and sweet hugs as you kiss them goodnight on the cheek.

But as much as you want to freeze them in time, you’re also realistic about their future. Before you know it, they’ll be heading off to high school, accepting their diploma, and entering the world on their own.

Will they be ready?

the ultimate guide to raising self-sufficient kids

Guiding our kids towards a life of self-sufficiency

All parents hope their children grow into confident, strong, and self-sufficient adults.

After all, one of our biggest missions as parents is to prepare our kids for the world they’ll face on their own.

But if you’re anything like me, your head is swimming with a thousand different theories about how to accomplish this.

Here are just a few I came across before I began researching the best way to raise self-sufficient kids:

  • Don’t show babies or kids too much affection or else they’ll never build the confidence they need to be independent.
  • Monitor and control every aspect of your child’s life – including their schedule, belongings, activities, and homework – to ensure their success.
  • Be firm, strict, and unyielding when kids misbehave – otherwise, they’ll grow up to be unruly and entitled.

If these theories depress you as much as they do me (and cause your anxiety to rise), here’s the good news: research shows again and again that none of these parenting methods lead kids toward a life of confidence and self-sufficiency.

In fact, researchers have found just the opposite to be true: When we build secure, loving relationships with our kids – full of mutual respect and a desire to teach rather than punish – kids naturally grow into self-sufficient adults.

The following resources will help you successfully get started raising kids who grow to be confident, independent, have high self-esteem, and competent at living life on their own.

Psst…the best part of these parenting strategies for raising self-sufficient kids is that they have an immediate impact on our family lives. As you begin to implement these strategies, you’ll soon experience fewer power struggles with your kids, more respect, greater connection, and, essentially, a happier, more peaceful home.

A positive, loving relationship: the foundation for raising self-sufficient kids

Research shows that parents who are kind but also firm with their kids (also known as authoritative) raise kids who grow up to be confident and independent. These resources explore what this type of parenting entails:

Handle common parenting challenges to help your kids grow into self-sufficiency

Believe it or not, the more we show our kids respect, and forgo punishment for teaching (or discipline), the better our kids behave and the more we are building up their self-esteem and self-reliance. The following posts explain how we can turn kids bad behavior into a learning experience and a more peaceful home.

Techniques and strategies to help encourage a sense of responsibility in your kids

In order to grow into self-sufficiency, our kids need to learn to be responsible. And the more responsible our kids grow to be, the easier it is for us to parent them. Here are a few posts to get you started on leading your kids towards less reliance on you and greater responsibility:

Practical life skills kids need before leaving home

Besides emotional intelligence, there are practical skills our kids will need to learn from us before they leave home. These cover just a few. Check out the Life Skills for Kids section for more ideas and information.

More advice to get you started

Before you go, here are a few more posts that highlight key parenting practices and skills we can teach our kids to prepare them for life outside our home.