17 Fun Money Activities for Kids

Try these 17 money activities for kids to teach them how to differentiate coins and bills.

money activities for kids

The other day I discovered my 6-year-old sitting on her bedroom floor with a mound of pennies in front of her.

She sat there and picked up each penny, one by one, and carefully counted them for what felt like forever.

When she was finished, she looked up and said: “I have 108!”. Her face beamed with pride for having collected so many but she was clearly oblivious to how little 108 pennies can buy.

After congratulating her, I got a dollar and explained how she could exchange 100 of her pennies for a bill, but she wouldn’t have it. Her little mind was clearly thinking: “How could 100 pieces of copper be equivalent to one rectangular piece of paper?”

It can be a challenge for little kids to understand the value of money, but as with most knowledge that kids need to acquire, introducing a fun hands-on activity can help.

The following is a list of a few fun money activities for kids and free resources you can DIY to teach kids the value of coins and dollars.

Money Activities for Kids:

For preschoolers still trying to determine the difference between a penny and a dime or a nickel and a quarter – this coin recognition map can help:

From Mrs. Hodge and Her Kindergarten Kids

moeny 1

Another way to help kids identify and learn to add up coins is to set up this fun game with card stock and small clothespins:

From Life Over Cs


Play restaurant with your kids – let them “buy” the food they want to eat with pretend money:

From Nothing if Not Intentional


This riddle math game will keep your kids interested while they learn to count up coins:

From Education.com


If your kids are into messy goo (and which kids aren’t?) a fun way to bring up the topic of money and coins is to put a few coins in slime. As your kids push and pull at the slime, you can explain the value of each coin:

From Still Playing School


Create a simple money math tray to let kids figure out the correct combination of coins to solve the problem:

From No Time for Flashcards


Help kids understand how different combinations of coins add up to a dollar with this activity that includes paper copies of coins and dollars:

From Step Into Second Grade

Classroom 2011 147 (1)

Have fun building an ice cream cone by giving kids scoops of ice cream in different monetary values. After kids have placed all their scoops on the cone, have them add up all the denominations to determine the total cost of the ice cream cone.

From Step Into Second Grade

Classroom 2011 145

Quarters can be tricky to count until you get the pattern down. Have your kids use this quarter chart to learn how to count by 25s:

From Frugal Fun 4 Boys


Mix addition and coin knowledge with this fun money exchange game:

From The Education of Ours


Here’s a fun coins money game for kids to help them master the value of different coins. Click on the link and print out the free printables to begin playing:

From Boy Mama Teacher Mama


Teach kids to count coins by writing “prices” on the front of plastic cups. Then have your kids put the correct change in each cup:

From Education.com


Kids can match up coins and dollar amounts with these laminated pockets and cards:

From Adventures in Tutoring Special Education


And finally, here’s an easy way to let your kids handle “money” without actually giving them real money. Play money you can print at home:

From Kids Activities Blog


Thanks to One Time Through and Play Ideas for many of the ideas in this post.

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child looking over kids money management toolkit and spend save share jars

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