9 Meaningful Non-Toy Gifts for Kids

Question of the Day Book

- This journal is the perfect family keepsake: A place for parents and children to share the evolution of thoughts, feelings, and dreams over the years.

Kids Coupons

- A fun way to give kids special treats including spending time together, skipping chores for a day or going on fun outings. 

Board Games (Blokus)

– Board games are a fun way for kids and families to spend time together off of screens. One of our favorites is Blokus, a game that is simple to play but requires some strategic thinking. 

Educational Subscription Boxes

– Educational subscription boxes can be a great way to enhance your child’s interest in a particular subject or expose them to new ideas. 

Art and Craft Boxes

– Get your children’s creative juices flowing with  art and craft boxes that have pre-made projects including all supplies. 

Woodworking Kit

– Introduce kids to wood building with a kit. All wood pieces are pre-sanded, cut to fit the building models, and come with instructions.

Magazines for Kids

– Kids magazines make a fun gift that lasts all year. Some of our favorites include Stone Soup, Cricket, and National Geographic Kids.

Experience Gifts 

– Research shows that experiences bring us more happiness and satisfaction than things. Examples include: vacations, museum passes and sporting events. 

The Gift of Charity

– Give your child a gift certificate to a charity such as Global Giving. Your child can then choose which cause they want to support. 

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