7 Meaningful Non-Toy Stocking Stuffers

Solar Rover Kit

– Kids can create their own solar-powered car with this kit. All the parts are included except for an aluminum can. 

Sun Art Paper

– Kids will have fun mixing creativity and science by creating images with the sun. Place any object on this paper for a short time in the sun and a film-like impression will appear.

Invisible Ink Pens

- These unique pens let kids write a secret message using invisible ink that only appears when the light at the end of the pen is illuminated on the ink. 

Banana Grams

– This easy-to-play game is both educational and fun! Players race against each other to build crossword grids. The first one to use all their tiles wins.

Big 64 Eco-Crayon Set

– This eco-friendly crayon set is perfect for toddlers and kids who enjoy drawing. 

Eco Kids Playdough

– This reusable playdough is made with safe, natural, and non-toxic ingredients. Comes in eco-friendly packaging.

Potato Clock

– Kids will learn about green energy with this kit that uses the energy from potatoes to illuminate a digital clock. 

Color the Galaxy Inflatable Ball

– Kids are able to decorate this inflatable ball of the galaxy with this kit. Markers included. 

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