5 Important House Rules Teenagers Need

To keep them safe and healthy

#1 - Screen Time & Social Media

Teens need to learn how to regulate screen time and social media use. They also need to understand how they can stay safe online.

#2 - Alcohol & Drugs

Parents should have an ongoing discussions with their teens about alcohol  and illegal drug use and should explicitly state the consequences if their teen uses these substances.

#3 - Driving & Road Safety

When your teen starts driving, be upfront about your expectations: not exceeding the speed limit, no texting or talking on the phone, and no driving with a drunk driver.

#4 - Curfew & Going Out

When your teen starts driving or has friends who can drive, they should always tell you where they’re going, how long they’ll be away, and if they’re running late.

#5 - House parties

Clear expectations should be voiced about whether your teen can have a party, who they can invite, what activities can take place and that adult supervision is mandatory.

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