3 Tips to Get Your Kids to Clean Their Messy Room

Plus, what age to start encouraging kids to clean.

At what age should kids be encouraged to clean?

Ideally, toddlerhood since this is a stage when kids are eager to help. But don't worry – older kids can be encouraged too, using the following advice.

#1 - Create a Cleaning Plan Together

Remove yourself from the role of dictator and work with your child to develop a plan to keep their room clean.

#2 - Set (realistic) family standards

While talking to your child about the plan, listen to and consider their perspective, then share yours and find a reasonable and realistic compromise.

#3 - Declutter and organize

Now that you've created a plan with your child, set them up for success by working together to declutter and organize their bedroom.

Click the link below to see two more tips + specifics on how to carry out each tip. 

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