50+ Screen-Free Summer Activities for Kids

Inside: 50+ screen-free summer activities for kids that will get them outside and foster their imagination and creativity.

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It’s so tempting for kids to turn to technology on slow summer days. (And let’s be honest – so tempting for parents to use the electronic babysitter!)

But getting kids to explore interests, get outside, and stretch their imagination and creativity over the summer can do so much more for kids than a video game or TV show ever can.

Here are some favorite summer activities to keep kids occupied and off of tablets and TVs.

Screen-Free Outdoor Activities

Kids are inside for most of the day during the school year so summer is the perfect time for kids to connect with nature and take in the fresh air. And did you know experts recommend kids get three hours outside every day? Here are a few ways kids can connect with nature and spend time outside this summer:

  • Build a fort out of sticks
  • Begin and cultivate a garden
  • Lay a blanket on the ground, have a picnic and read a book
  • Go for a hike
  • Have fun geocaching
  • Gather frogs, butterflies or other bugs (and then set them free)
  • Try to identify bird songs
  • Go for a swim in a local lake
  • Toss water balloons (try these eco-friendly ones)
  • Go camping – either at a campground or in the backyard
  • Go fishing
  • Set up sprinklers and a slip and slide
  • Climb a tree
  • Play an outdoor sport
  • Take bike rides – check out local bike trails near you
  • Try out canoeing or kayaking
  • Hold a hula hoops contest
  • Play hide-and-go-seek
  • Jump rope
  • Blow giant bubbles (use this easy DIY bubble recipe)
  • Take part in a scavenger hunt
  • Create a backyard obstacle course
  • Set up a water slide or slip & slide
  • Set up a water table for toddlers and preschoolers
  • Go berry or fruit picking at a local farm
  • Visit a playground at a local park
  • Visit a local splash pad
  • Visit a National or State Park

Screen-Free Art for Kids

Summer is the perfect time to let kids use their creativity and be artistic. Here are a few ways kids can get involved in arts and crafts over the summer:

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Screen-Free Imaginative Play for Kids

The benefits of imaginative play for kids are well documented – it helps kids’ social/emotional skills, language skills, and problem-solving skills. Kids have a great opportunity to engage in deep imaginative play with all the free time summer has to offer. Here are a few suggestions for how kids can use their imaginations:

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  • Play dress-up
  • Put on a play
  • Build a fort with sticks and fabric
  • Build fairy houses outside
  • Build creations with Legos or blocks
  • Create an obstacle course for friends and family members

Screen-Free Educational Activities for Kids

Sure kids get a break from academics during the summer but that doesn’t mean we can’t sneak in a few learning activities every now and then. It’s especially beneficial to have kids continue to read and practice math over the summer to avoid summer slide.

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