14 Fun Addition and Subtraction Games for Kids

In order to manage money, kids first need to know how to add and subtract. Help kids learn these skills with these fourteen fun addition and subtraction games and activities.

14 Fun Addition and Subtraction Games and Activities for Kids: These games and activities make learning addition and subtraction fun for kids!

Before they can begin managing money, kids need to learn basic addition and subtraction.

Sure, these skills could be acquired through worksheets and flashcards, but why not make math fun?

There are numerous games and activities you can do with your kids to either get them started with addition and subtraction or secretly drill math facts.

Here are fourteen fun addition and subtraction games you can play with your kids. Click on the blog names to find out more about each activity.

Fun Addition and Subtraction Games and Activities

Combine baseball with addition and subtraction practice with this fun dice game:

From Frugal Fun for Boys:


If you have a kid who loves Legos, this is a great way to help them visualize addition:

From Playdough to Plato:


This is a really fun way to get kids moving and learning math facts at the same time – create an obstacle course with math facts written on cards. Once kids have answered one equation correctly, they move over to the next:

From Hand On As We Grow:


This visual addition pom pom drop is both creative and educational.

From Hand on As We Grow:


Create a fun number line out of Duplo Legos to help kids visualize addition and subtraction concepts:

From In the Playroom:


Another way to help kids visualize math is through math addition towers made with blocks:

From The Educators’ Spin On It:


Kids can learn which combinations add up to ten with this fun pyramid game:

From Math Geek Mama:


Learn addition and subtraction math facts (& the solar system!) with this fun math facts game:

From JDaniel’s4 Mom:


This mom has some creative ideas on how to make learning math facts more fun for kids by getting them to move:

From Cutting Tiny Bites:


Here’s a fun way for kids to practice adding with a tic-tac-toe challenge:

From What We Do All Day:


For older kids, add a math component to a family game night of Scrabble:

From Busy Kids Happy Mom:


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