Cut Through the Noise
and Get the Advice you Need

As a member of the Empowered Parents Collective, you’ll have access to targeted positive parenting advice to help you raise responsible, independent, and ultimately self-sufficient kids.

You’re busy.

When a parenting challenge arises, you don’t have time to read the latest parenting book or fall down a rabbit hole of endless Google searches.

The Empowered Parents Collective can help by providing the targeted positive parenting advice you need – exactly when you need it – in an easy-to-access format.

As a member of the collective, you’ll move from feeling overwhelmed and confused to empowered and confident.

You’ll become confident that your relationship with your child is on good footing. And you’ll know how to handle emotional and discipline challenges like a pro.

When faced with a parenting challenge, you’ll have the information and support you need at your fingertips.

And you’ll be able to give your child the support and skills they need to grow up to be responsible, independent, and ultimately self-sufficient.

As a member of the Empowered Parents Collective
you’ll get access to:


These bite-sized video courses focus on specific positive parenting topics, allowing you to access the exact guidance you need when you need it. New courses are added every month. Each course is under 20 minutes in length.

Examples of mini-courses include:

  • The Basics of Emotion Coaching
  • How to Stay Calm and Centered When Your Child Misbehaves or Emotions Are High
  • How to Handle Kids’ Back Talk
  • What Works (and What Doesn’t) to Encourage Responsibility in Kids
  • How to Discipline Kids While Still Allowing Big Feelings
  • Building Connection With Our Kids Through Communication
  • How to Encourage Kids to Do Things Without Arguing or Nagging

Questions & Answers

Have a burning parenting question you’d like answered? Ask away! You’ll receive an answer from me, a certified positive discipline parent educator. Each month, I answer member questions in video format, and all members have access to the collective’s entire library of answers. If an answer sparks an interest in a particular topic you can easily search the collective for other related content.

Expert Interviews

The Empowered Parents Collective regularly interviews parenting experts in interactive video sessions. The public is invited to the live sessions but only members of the Collective have access to the entire library of recordings of these events. Recent interviews include how to help kids self-motivate with homework, how to bring order and simplicity to family life and how to bully-proof our kids. Recent Interviews include:

  • Navigating Big Feelings With Your Emotionally-Intense, Spirited Child
  • Bully-Proofing Our Kids: How to Help Your Child Stand Up to Mean Kids and Bullies
  • How to Help Your Kids Self-Motivate With School

A Path of Progress

If you want to take a more structured approach to improving your parenting, rather than jumping into specific content as issues arise, The Empowered Parents Collective’s Path of Progress is for you. The Path of Progress helps you navigate the collective’s content in a stepwise fashion in pursuit of specific parenting goals – such as bettering your relationship with your child, improving their behavior, and increasing their responsibility and self-reliance.

Hi there!

I’m Kerry, the mother of two young teen girls and the founder of Self-Sufficient Kids and The Empowered Parents Collective.

I’ve been both a working mother and stay-at-home mom. I know how difficult it is – in both situations – to find the time and energy to learn how to be the best parent to my kids.

There’s a wealth of information out there about how to handle a child’s defiant behavior, get them to listen, or take on greater responsibility, for example. It’s difficult to cut through the noise and find a solution that really works for you.

For the past six years, I’ve made it my job to dig into parenting research and write about what I’ve learned – and at the same time test these theories in my own parenting. I also became a certified positive discipline parent educator to expand my ability to help others.

I created the Empowered Parents Collective to help parents go beyond just reading about parenting and put into action what they’re learning. It makes tangible the idea that positive parenting not only leads to more harmonious and peaceful relationships with our kids but also provides them with the skills they need to lead a successful and ultimately self-sufficient life.

Join today and let me help you form the relationship you want with your child and help them gain the skills they need to ultimately be self-sufficient.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All content within this membership is designed to provide support and education for parents. This membership, including questions answered by me, does not replace the relationship between a therapist and client in a one-on-one setting with an individualized treatment plan. I am not a physician, psychologist, or counselor, nor am I licensed to offer therapy or medical advice of any kind. I am a certified positive parenting educator and my courses, blog posts, and all other guidance are based on my training and experience. Please consult with a professional if you suspect any medical or developmental issues with your child.